Hacking my fear of staying in touch

One of my most unreasonable traits is that I am apprehensive of staying in touch with people -- friends and family, that is. Want me to fly across the world, meet people in a business setting, and follow-up? No problem. Easy. Want me to send an occasional email to folks I used to hang out with at university or camp? Freeze. It's uncanny. I just can't imagine a scenario in which anyone would want to hear from me. Why would they?

_1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die_ Spreadsheet

Making good on an earlier note to be active on LibraryThing, I went to the 1001 Books to read before you die group to look for suggestions on what to read next.

Groups I Joined on LibraryThing Today

The experience of joining a social media site -- or whatever we're supposed to call them, I don't really care -- is enhanced by how you interact with the other denizens of the site. I'm not that good at this aspect: meeting strangers via the internet and keeping up a conversation with them. I'm much better and meeting people in person, and then drawing that out later into long-distance conversation.

Shiner Hierarchy: The wonderful world of Shiner

In my short three months here in Texas, two things have really stood out:

  1. "Come and take it." That's punk rock way ahead of its time.
  2. There are different flavors of Shiner beer.

Here I propose a hierarchy, based on many important characteristics (such as how much I liked them), of the various Shiner beers that I've tried. You may disagree. But you are wrong.

Exploring the West Texas Desert: Maps and Photos

On 14 to 16 June, I went on a grand tour of the Republic of Texas: Houston to Amarillo to Guadalupe National Park, then back to Houston.

(Want to just see photos? Go to Flickr.)

Upcoming: Houston to Amarillo to Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This weekend, I'm driving to Amarillo to broadcast the 2008 CanSat Competition to the web for the American Astronautical Society. I don't get out of Houston nowadays -- I mean, in the last two or three weeks -- so I'm turning this into a grand tour. Why not...

Moving my blog to KirkKittell.com

For approximately four years, I have been writing -- frequently and infrequently -- to http://beautyoflies.blogspot.com. It was a convenient place to post; I started it before I bought this domain name that matches my real name.

Fulton County Courthouse, Lewistown, IL

Fulton County Courthouse, Lewistown, IL

See this photo on Flickr.

Crossing the Illinois River at Havana, IL

Crossing the Illinois River at Havana, IL

See this photo on Flickr.

US-136, near Emden, IL

Brian and Julia's Wedding

See this photo on Flickr.


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