SGAC + money = ...

Why does this make me uneasy? Actually, maybe uneasy isn't the precise word -- maybe I feel bad, or sorry, or something like that. Maybe it's because I know Chris Boshuizen is asking his friends -- past SGAC folks: the names on that list -- to donate to SGAC, which in turn goes to pay his own salary. $_Jessy + $_Robbie + $_Mark + $_Julia ~= MonthSalary_Chris.

U of Illinois joins Google Book Search digitization project

Illinois, CIC Join Google Book Search Project

The Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) -- the Big11Ten plus University of Chicago, formerly of the Big Ten -- are scanning books for Google. Good to see Illinois in this project.

Paula Kaufman, UIUC University Librarian:

"Now, we can search every word in every volume and make connections across works that would've taken weeks or years to make in the past.

Tell el-Amarna

I have a fascination with maps that is probably better classified as an obsession...

My Google Reader shared items

Just discovered that I could share certain feeds from my Google Reader -- you can see items that I share on this page.

New astronaut gloves

Peter Homer wins the $200k Astronaut Gloves Competition: link to Discovery Channel.

The great space industry workforce shortage hoax

I'm going to come back to this later -- it's sleep time on the East Coast -- but I think that the oft-trumpeted impending shortage of engineers in the space industry workforce is a myth.

I've just come across an article in Issues in Science and Technology, "Where the Engineers Are," by Vivek Wadhwa, et al. The quote that most sticks in my mind, though I have not finished the article:

"...we found no indication of a shortage of engineers in the United States."

AIM in orbit

Wednesday was an interesting day in the office. In the afternoon, we were invited to the auditorium to watch a live feed of the launch of the Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesophere -- better known as AIM -- mission. AIM was launched on a Pegasus XL from Vandenberg AFB.

181 things to do on the Moon

Where is Voyager?

The Voyager web site hasn't been updated since November, albeit for good reason: it's an aging spacecraft running a few esoteric instruments that chirp back to Earth at vastly small levels. It's Sputnik at the edge of the solar system ("Ah, I see you have the machine that goes ping.")

Grad student vs. Vision. Fight.

"Not seeing eye to eye on the Vision"

By Phil Rosenfield, article in The Daily Aztec at SDSU


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