Happy Anniversary, Opportunity

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity will be celebrating its third anniversary on mars next week. Opportunity  landed on 25 January 2004 on Meridiani Planum. To commemorate the anniversary NASA is hosting a photo contest to choose the best Spirit and Opportunity pictures (out of a pre-selected 16 images), then will show the winner on the MER home page on 24 January.

Aviation biofuel and Brazil

Brazilian firm Tecbio, NASA, and Boeing have agreed to work together to produce biokerosene for aviation fuel. It's a short article, but I thought it was interesting because it touches two of my interests: aerospace and replacements for petroleum products. When I think of replacing our (i.e., US) dependence on petroleum, my mind always sticks on automobiles.

Debunking a myth

The most common question I am asked when I travel is "how do you afford it?" And this is often asked, sardonically, "are you rich?" Simply: no. I don't have time to explain my whole "system" of getting around, but here is a quick look at a few principles.

Ugh, don't bother me

I'm finishing up the editing of our team project report—32 people, 14 countries, one goal: finish a 150-page (max) report on a project to make earth observation system options more accessible to "decision makers," i.e., high-level public servants and business managers.

The sub-goal is perhaps to do it without developing a sincere disdain for each other.

Paris trip via Google Earth

[All of the links are Google Earth placemarks—that's what the .kmz file extensions are]

Starting at the Gare Centrale in Strasbourg at 12:19am, we arrived at the Gare de l'Est in Paris at roughly 7am. During the day, Dave and I traveled to:

Preparing to roll on...

Wooo, update: I have a ride to Barcelona with three other guys from ISU on 2 September. And there is a small amount of funding available if I present our ISU team project paper at the International Astronautical Congress in Valencia. Getting to Spain was a huge hurdle, and staying in Spain—without running out of money—during September was a second hurdle that immediately followed that one. Other issues remain such as where I'm going to stay in Barcelona and Valencia, but hey—things tend to turn out well in the end if you put enough sensible effort into preparation.

That's funny—there were only nine planets when I woke up...

Now there are twelve planets, apparently, thanks to a draft resolution from the International Astronomical Union's General Assembly.

Where in the world is ISU?

Check it out, Google Earth placemark: International Space University, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

i.e., where the "party" is from 8am to 8pm every day...

Also, our home: Foyer l'Etudiant Catholique, Strasbourg, France. Yes, it's called FEC—the Irish kids here love that name...


Just deleted a week's worth of entries while experimenting with the management interface... pictures coming back soon, maybe.

Pics from Praha


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