To Prague

Nothing to write about this weekend—Australian Dave (i.e., Dai-eeve), Jo, and Jorge are heading to the Czech Republic this weekend to do... whatever there is to do there. I've heard good things, and I'll report back with pictures. All I know is that it's not part of the Eurozone, so I get to pick up another form of currency: the Koruny—approximately 1 US dollar equals 22 of those.

Spanish verb conjugator

From elemadrid, an online tool to do what my feeble brain has forgotten to do: conjugate Spanish verbs.

Pics from SES Global

While on an excursion to Luxembourg as part of the Policy & Law department of ISU, we visited the headquarters of SES Global, a huge communications satellite operator.

Full picture: Outside SES Global in Luxembourg

Medical evacuation on Mars, err, Canada

Upstairs, the ISU summer session Life Sciences department is remotely participating in a simulated extravehicular activity (EVA) medical evacuation, i.e., someone's fallen and they can't get up on fake Mars in northern Canada. Down here on the "first floor"—this would be the second floor back home, but I'm trying to convert my brain, and don't get me started about my inability to convert to Celsius accurately—we're talking about space policy in Luxembourg in the Policy and Law department.

Diversions v1

Instead of doing real work there's...

They all start with an 's.' Fantastic.

And for your own sake, don't ask how I found them, I might have to tell you.

Dnepr launch failure destroys 14 CubeSats

Unfortunately, even the world's most reliable launch vehicles have to fail sometime. That was the case yesterday in Kazakhstan—the Dnepr rocket carrying a Belarussian remote sensing satellite, three microsatellites, and 14 CubeSats crashed shortly after launch. CubeSats are simple little satellites that fit in a 10cm cube.

Trains in India

Scratching down ideas...

  • Mumbai to Bagalkot—BCT to UBL (Hubli), UBL to BGK
  • Bagalkot to Vellore—BGK to VLR
  • Vellore to Pondicherry—VLR to PDY
  • Pondicherry to Allahabad—PDY to ALD
  • Allahabad to New Delhi or Calcutta (depending on which flight to the US is cheaper)—PDY to NDLS/HWH

This looks like the probable order of cities I'll visit, and the train connections that I'll use—any suggestions, guys?

Links to use:

Unedited 'On the Road' coming out soon

The edited-out versions of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, direct from the scroll, are coming out soon. Awesome. Though I expect it to be largely gibberish—it wasn't just edited out because it was controversial, but because it was likely unintelligible from the editor's point of view—it's exciting to think of reading the book in its full form.

Now reading...

Augustine's Laws by Norman Augustine

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond

Remote Sensing in Hydrology and Water Management, edited by Gert Schultz and Edwin Engman

(three books at the same time? —two at home (Augustine and Diamond) and one for the 1.5 hours of bus commute everyday (hydrology))

Allez Landis!

Owing to an incredible comeback, Floyd Landis is set to become the third American to win the Tour de France as the riders prepare for the final ceremonial stage into Paris.


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