finished reading Walden this morning

A few lines of note from the last few chapters of Walden by Henry David Thoreau (bold included by me)—

From the chapter "The Pond in Winter"—

A distinction

According to Dr. Hugh Hill in an ISU lecture on astrobiology today—

Martigny, Switzerland and Chamonix, France

Full set of photos: Martigny - Chamonix, July 2006

trip to the European Parliament building

Basic French v1

Thanks to Nathalie, one of the ISU participants from southern France, for helping me with this lesson. These phrases were conceived when riding a bus... specifically, a bus that I didn't know where it was going...

[Note: You may need to save the mp3 files to your computer to listen. I can't open them in my own browser window...]

Where is the bus to the Cathedral, please?
Ou est le bus qui va a la Cathedrale, s'il vous plait?

Italy over France

Full picture: Oh, Italy

People of Bakersfield, please watch your heads...

...because the X PRIZE Foundation put one of the SpaceShipOne replicas that our crew worked on up in the Bakersfield airport. Now, though I can vouch for some of the SS1 Replica Project's work, I still don't know if I would walk underneath of it...

Full picture: Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane... it's the potential for severe cranial damage!

Photo courtesy Brooke Owens

the mayor of Strasbourg

"You don't know what you're talkeeeng about"

"France isn't what it used to be... you walk around like a foool, somebody cut you"

What I like about ISU so far...

The mixture of idealism and realism is at an acceptable ratio. I expected many, many more "space cadets" than I have met here. What's a space cadet? —a discussion for a different day, but I'll be satisfied with explaining that the other students that I've met here in Strasbourg have other interests in addition to space-related interests. This is a huge relief; going to space is an important personal goal, mostly for selfish reasons, but there are other interests that I want to include in my personal and professional life.

ISU opening

From Peter Diamandis's opening presentation:


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