Panoramas from the Heart of the Mojave

A week ago, I was forced to go to Sacramento for a business trip -- forced, as in "don't fling me in dat brier-patch." Seriously. Have to leave Houston to go to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada? There are many, many worse things in life. I'll write more about the trip later. I'm still fussing with a .kmz file that shows my travels on a map. You know me: I'm obsessed with maps.

Unanswered Questions Answered (Or: Lies I Told to High School Students)

Dear Mr. Lochhead,

Here are a few videos that I described in class on Monday. The real things are always better...

First Redlines for Above Cedar Creek

Finally, after a trip to Calgary and a hurricane, I finished editing the first three protochapters of a book I'm writing about my experiences at Ingersoll Scout Reservation called Above Cedar Creek.

Steal My University of Illinois Class Notes

Since completing my M.S. at the University of Illinois in May 2006, and before that my B.S. in December 2003, I've been carrying a huge pile of binders filled with notes, homework, exams, quizzes, and other ballast from place to place, once from Illinois to Virginia, once within Virginia, and once from Virginia to Texas. They were heavy, required too much volume to store.

Now, I have only one more place to transport all of these papers: to the recycling bin.

Hurricane Ike Aftermath Photos from Clear Lake

I returned to Nassau Bay on Wednesday morning. There is no damage at my building. However, here is no electricity here, though on the same block as us the hospital parking lot and the Lockheed Martin building are both teasing us with their electricity. So, it's urban campout time.

Yesterday morning, I went for a bike ride with my camera around Clear Lake, which is only about 100 meters from my apartment. The lake has receded to its pre-Ike level, but not before flooding, smashing, or otherwise causing havoc around its shores.

Thinking: What do I want in a job?

I'm still in College Station, staying here a little longer than expected. In Nassau Bay, according to the city's web site, the sewer system is still down after Hurricane Ike. I don't mind the electricity and water being out, but the sewer is another story. In the interim, I have plenty of downtime. I should use it to my advantage. It's difficult. They have television and cable at Jackie's place. It's amazing. But I need to get things in order.

* * *

Here's the deal. I'm in a rut. I want out. And I want to get moving. Now.

I'm in College Station

Well, I changed my mind about staying in Nassau Bay for the hurricane. An old friend from University of Illinois lives in College Station, so I'm up here, hanging out. Hurricane Ike will probably be a Category 1 hurricane when it gets here, but at least the water isn't coming up to meet me.

I've posted a few more photos on Flickr: Hurricane Ike, September 2008. My favorites are the progression of rising Clear Lake photos:

My First Book: Above Cedar Creek

There's one nice thing about nobody reading my blog: I can post things without much fear of anyone reading. And judging. Obscurity is a confidence builder of sorts. So, I'll point out something that's been right and written under your nose. The chances that you, unlikely reader, are going to notice it are small. That gives me false confidence. Good enough.

Words from Kelsey Ruger at BarcampHouston3

This comment wouldn't fit on Twitter, and I liked this note during his presentation:

Getting started w/ visual and creative thinking: encourage actual play and fun; create an open environment; start a school; practice, practice, practice; look beyond the obvious.

Tropical Storm Edouard

First, the National Hurricane Center is tracking Tropical Storm Edouard at

In my spare time -- since SAIC is contracted to NASA, and NASA called off work at Johnson Space Center after noon today and all day tomorrow -- I did a crude conversion of the Tropical Storm Edouard 3-day forecast from the site to Google Earth.


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