Ingersoll Scout Reservation 1975


Camp Director (Heffernan): Daniel G. Miller & son
Camp Director (Ingersoll): Marc D. Posner, wife Ann, & family


Ranger: Bob & Carol Pucket family


Commissioner: Alvin Schlieske
Commissioner's Aide: John R. Salter
Commissioner: David Becker
Commissioner's Aide: David A. Broquard


William Clay Allyn

Field Sports

Rifle Range/Field Sports Director: Jeffrey M. Storm

Old Timers

Michael A. Stobaugh
Michael R. Moore


These staff members were listed on the 1975 rosters, but without positions. If you know any of the missing information, please get in touch.

Rick Payne
Ray E. Lawson
Terry Blum
Greg Morris
Charles M. Bair
Michael T. Scott
Robert M. Benton
Greg Landrus
John R. McCutchen
William J. Linsley
Randall S. Tennis
Glenn Svoboda
Ian Sinclair

Thanks to Dave Broquard (1975-1976) for providing the roster.

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