Ingersoll Scout Reservation 1983


  • Camp director: Doug Wilson
  • Program director: Tom Ewan
  • Business manager: Gary Hendzell


  • Ranger: Harold Appel


  • Head cook: Wanda Appel
  • Assistant cook: Dennis Norman
  • Kitchen assistant: Bill Wood
  • Dining hall steward: Mike Rooke


  • Commissary director: Marty Green

Trading post

  • Trading post manager: Tom Miller

Health office

  • Health officer: Jeff Flatt


  • Aquatics director: Pat Stumpf
  • Lakefront director: Mark McKinlay
  • Aquatics assistant: Paul Johnson
  • Aquatics assistant: Eric Jones
  • Aquatics assistant: Brian Upper
  • Aquatics assistant: Will Johnson


  • Handicraft director: Tony Edwards

Camp craft

  • Camp craft assistant: Glenn Harris
  • Camp craft assistant: Don Shenaut
  • Camp craft assistant: John Anderson


  • West Ridge commissioner: Stephen Johnston
  • South Ridge commissioner: David Pires
  • North Ridge commissioner: Paul Wilkinson

Field sports

  • Field sports director: Larry Johnson
  • Archery director: Greg Peck


  • Nature/ecology director: Mark Mitchell
  • Nature/ecology assistant: Jerry Knappenburger
  • Nature/ecology assistant: Craig Bannister

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: Mike Colchaseere
  • Counselor in training: Jeff Gosnell
  • Counselor in training: Alex Halsinger
  • Counselor in training: Steve Kelsheimer
  • Counselor in training: Dave McReynolds
  • Counselor in training: Pat Provart
  • Counselor in training: Andy Roudebush
  • Counselor in training: Bernie Sapp
  • Counselor in training: Rob Smith
  • Counselor in training: Jeremy Styninger
  • Counselor in training: Alan Swanson

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