Ingersoll Scout Reservation 1988


  • Camp director: Kevin Walsh
  • Program director: Glenn Harris
  • Business manager: Dave Black
  • Business manager: Bernie Sapp


  • Ranger: Tom May
  • Assistant ranger: Robert Simmons
  • Assistant ranger: Andy Roudebush


  • Aquatics director: Greg Brownfield
  • Lakefront director: Tony Blackman
  • Aquatics assistant: Curtis Brown
  • Aquatics assistant: Sean Apsey


  • South Ridge commissioner: Pat Provart
  • North Ridge commissioner: Jay Parsons


  • Head cook: Pat Thurman
  • Assistant cook: Mike Craig
  • Dining hall steward: Dan Pettit
  • Dining hall steward: Mark Juliot


  • Commissary director: David Burleson

Field sports

  • Field sports director: Al Lange
  • Archery director: Randy Stanton


  • Handicraft director: Brian Potter

Health office

  • Health officer: Gerald Dally-Hanback
  • Health officer: Bill Brownfield
  • Health officer: Jerry Staley


  • Nature director: Mardi Kleinschmidt
  • Nature assistant: Eric Yeagle


  • Scoutcraft director: Steve James Guthrie

Trading post

  • Trading post manager: Brian Hammond


  • Quartermaster: Ed Robinson

Wilderness Factor

  • Wilderness Factor director: Mike Langley
  • Wilderness Factor assistant: Brian Smith


  • Program assistant: Mike McKim
  • Program assistant: Matt Rodgers
  • International Scout from England: Christopher Tombs

Order of the Arrow

  • Order of the Arrow camp chief: Jim Wodja

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: Frank Ray
  • Counselor in training: Scott Ellingsworth
  • Counselor in training: Brian Nicholson
  • Counselor in training: Paul Rogalla
  • Counselor in training: Jim Kellerstrass
  • Counselor in training: Doug Dellow
  • Counselor in training: Keith Anderson


  • ?: Jeremy Moyers
  • ?: Becky Sapp
  • ?: Corry Ijams
  • ?: Scott Ijams
  • ?: Kenneth Hecht

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