Ingersoll Scout Reservation 1993


  • Camp director: Larry Crouch
  • Program director: Ed Spellman
  • Business manager: Dave Black


  • Ranger: Kevin Walsh
  • Assistant ranger: Shawn McKim


  • Aquatics director: Greg Brownfield
  • Lakefront director: Karl Benedek
  • Aquatics assistant: Ryan Wilcoxen
  • Aquatics assistant: Steve Lehmann
  • Aquatics assistant: Andy Kietzman


  • Chaplain: Joel Bjorling


  • West Ridge commissioner: Keith Waters
  • South Ridge commissioner: Dan Wilbur
  • North Ridge commissioner: Chris Mullen


  • Head cook: Dan Lakin
  • Assistant cook: John Davis
  • Dining hall steward: J.J. Brewer
  • Kitchen assistant: Nate Baker
  • Kitchen assistant: Marcus Gensler
  • Kitchen assistant: Liv Kelley
  • Kitchen assistant: Becky Wegner


  • Commissary director: Andy Scott

Field sports

  • Field sports director: Bill Brownfield
  • Archery director: Maia Kelley


  • Handicraft director: Ed Keeran

Health office

  • Health officer: Carol Chasteen


  • Nature director: Dave Bush
  • Nature assistant: Eric Wood


  • Outpost director: Spencer Weibling
  • Outpost assistant: Lucas Bond


  • Scoutcraft director: Jordan Waggoner
  • Scoutcraft assistant: Ben Wright
  • Scoutcraft assistant: Ryan Voice

Trading post

  • Trading post manager: Eric Sorensen
  • Trading post manager: Nadine Coussens
  • Trading post manager: Michelle Janet

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: John Ackerman
  • Counselor in training: Anthony Marzano
  • Counselor in training: Jeff Taylor
  • Counselor in training: Steve Sheldon
  • Counselor in training: Angus Burns
  • Counselor in training: Andrew Stephenson
  • Counselor in training: Chris Wickert
  • Counselor in training: Deon Thomas
  • Counselor in training: Clint Sabin
  • Counselor in training: Eric Davis
  • Counselor in training: J.J. Crocker

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