Ingersoll Scout Reservation 1999


  • Camp director: Greg Brownfield
  • Program director: Joe Camp
  • Business manager: Teri Brownfield


  • Ranger: Kevin Walsh
  • Assistant ranger: Andy Kietzman
  • Assistant ranger: Jason Pigg


  • Aquatics director: Dannon Farrar
  • Lakefront director: Tom Jatkowski
  • Aquatics assistant: Matt Kietzman
  • Aquatics assistant: Matt Decker
  • Aquatics assistant: Andy Hess


  • Chaplain: Glenn Harris


  • West Ridge commissioner: Brodie Farrar
  • South Ridge commissioner: Jason Biggs
  • North Ridge commissioner: Kirk Kittell
  • Commissioner assistant: John Renner


  • Food service manager: Joy Walsh
  • Dining hall steward: Matt Baker
  • Kitchen assistant: Nick Gualandi


  • Commissary director: Zach Hartshorn

Field sports

  • Field sports director: Patrick Biggs
  • Archery director: Jason Aeschleman


  • Handicraft director: Mike Riopell


  • Nature director: Katie Kietzman
  • Nature assistant: Matt Allen


  • Outpost director: Tim Smith
  • Assistant outpost director: Dave Helm
  • Outpost assistant: Earl Carter
  • Outpost assistant: Alex Ferrel


  • Scoutcraft director: Tim Schaab
  • Scoutcraft assistant: Matt Bullard
  • Scoutcraft assistant: Neal Jefferson

Trading post

  • Trading post manager: Amy Anderson

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: Chris Chernak
  • Counselor in training: Neal Iden
  • Counselor in training: Matt Linz
  • Counselor in training: Mike Mellske
  • Counselor in training: John Moore
  • Counselor in training: Ian Munk
  • Counselor in training: Nick Pallo
  • Counselor in training: Shane Saffel
  • Counselor in training: Jeron Sanders
  • Counselor in training: David Swift
  • Counselor in training: Nicoli Thompson
  • Counselor in training: William Wagner
  • Counselor in training: Alex Walker

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