Ingersoll Scout Reservation 2003


  • Camp director: Bill Dunn
  • Program director: Tim Schaab
  • Business manager: Luann Noll


  • Ranger: Kevin Walsh
  • Assistant ranger: Jeff Sammon
  • Assistant ranger: Jason Biggs


  • Food service manager: Joy Walsh
  • Head cook (first shift): Becky Whitenack
  • Head cook (second shift): Traci Sharp
  • Assistant head cook (first shift): Debbie Donley
  • Assistant head cook (second shift): Taylor Thompson
  • Dining hall steward: Noah Crouch
  • Kitchen assistant (first shift): Donna Tice
  • Kitchen assistant (first shift): Sara McCoy
  • Kitchen assistant (first shift): Judy Randle
  • Kitchen assistant (second shift): Karen Walljasper
  • Kitchen assistant: Phil Sims
  • Kitchen assistant: Danny Roger


  • Commissary director: Jason Lindahl
  • Commissary assistant: Nick Swanson


  • West Ridge commissioner: Matt Decker
  • South Ridge commissioner: Kyle Ennis
  • North Ridge commissioner: John Moore


  • Aquatics director: Tom Jatkowski
  • Assistant aquatics director: Matt Kietzman
  • Lakefront director: Ross Nieukirk
  • Aquatics assistant: Stephen Lacey
  • Aquatics assistant: Randy Dunn
  • Aquatics assistant: Jeremy Brawner

Field sports

  • Field sports director: Al Lange
  • Field sports director: Bill Bond
  • Field sports assistant: David Swift
  • Archery director: David Lane

Outdoor skills

  • Outdoor skills director: Allen Springsteen
  • Outdoor skills assistant: Bryan Swift


  • Ecology director: Mike Mellske
  • Ecology assistant: Jason Glick


  • Outpost director: Zach Myers
  • Outpost assistant: Max Crouch
  • Outpost assistant: Joe Gillen
  • Outpost assistant/Scout to First Class assistant: Brennan Simpson
  • Outpost assistant: Martin Kahla

Boy Scout Adventure Crew

  • BSAC director: Josh Curry
  • BSAC assistant: Jon Zotz

Scout to First Class

  • Scout to First Class director: Garrett Young
  • Scout to First Class assistant: Brian Johnson

Health office

  • Health officer: Jonathan Lavallier


  • Handicraft director: Steve Riopell


  • Chaplain: Glenn Harris


  • Program aide: Zach Garman

Trading post

  • Trading post manager: Jenny Watkins

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: Luke Clift
  • Counselor in training: James Dwyer
  • Counselor in training: Craig Eckdahl
  • Counselor in training: Dan Eckert
  • Counselor in training: James Geotz
  • Counselor in training: Josh Lowman
  • Counselor in training: Tyler McKinley
  • Counselor in training: Scott Perry
  • Counselor in training: Billy Roeder
  • Counselor in training: Leland Sanders
  • Counselor in training: Steve Sanders
  • Counselor in training: Blake Schmidt
  • Counselor in training: Tony Schwegmann
  • Counselor in training: Mark Smith
  • Counselor in training: Eric Stensland
  • Counselor in training: Ross Swanson
  • Counselor in training: Shane Walters
  • Counselor in training: Jeremy Wasilewski
  • Counselor in training: David Wiemers
  • Counselor in training: Dan Zuercher


It's been about 8 years since i've had contact with anyone from ISR. Thanks for posting these rosters! Hopefully i can find a few old friends online and get back in touch!

Hey hey, Stephen. Good to hear from you. If you need any help finding any of these guys, let me know--I might have contact details for a few of them.

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