Ingersoll Scout Reservation 2007


  • Camp director: Glenn Harris
  • Program director: David Lane


  • Ranger: Kevin Walsh
  • Assistant ranger: Jason Biggs
  • Assistant ranger: Neal Jefferson


  • Climbing director: Dave Helm
  • Climbing director: Josh Meyers
  • Climbing instructor: Matt Reynolds


  • Ecology/conservation director: Eric Stensland
  • Ecology/conservation assistant director: Dan Knapp
  • Ecology/conservation assistant: Adam Stensland

Outdoor skills

  • Outdoor skills director: Jared Wicks
  • Outdoor skills assistant: Jon Bangert


  • Handicraft director: Matt Wright
  • Handicraft assistant: Stephen Hamm

Field sports

  • Field sports director: Kevin Cervin
  • Shooting sports director: Howard Ludington
  • Archery director: Tim Schlesinger


  • Aquatics director: Tom Jatkowski
  • Pool director: Jessi Kurtz
  • Lakefront director: Karl Kieser
  • Aquatics assistant: Nate Lohr
  • Aquatics assistant: Alan King
  • Aquatics assistant: Seth Whitmer

Wilderness Factor

  • Wilderness Factor director: Zach Garman
  • Wilderness Factor assistant director: Beth Harmison


  • Outpost director: David Johnson
  • Outpost assistant: Sarah Lock
  • Outpost assistant: Jess Pilli


  • Camp commissioner: Steve Riopell
  • South Ridge commissioner: Alex Fishel
  • North Ridge commissioner: Keith Wilfinger

Food service

  • Food service director: Joy Walsh
  • Food operations manager: Trevor Thompson
  • Commissary director: Craig Eckdahl


  • Business manager: Taylor Thompson
  • Trading post manager: Jacy Brasher

Health office

  • Health officer: Scott Perry


  • Chaplain coordinator: Dave Voice

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: Nat Conner

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